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task 1 :

Information & Communication Technology ( ICT)

Information technology is a combination of hardware and software used to generate the information for its users.

Required hardware including computers, communications devices, presentation devices, and various tools used to aid or facilitate the delivery of media information.

The software is also a collection of programs that enables all other devices work together to produce the information.

What is Computer?

Computer comes from the Latin computare which mean count. Because the extent of cultivated fields of computer science, experts and researchers in defining termininologi slightly different computer.

1. According to Hamacher
Computer is an electronic calculating machine, fast and able to receive digital input information, then process it in accordance with programs stored in memory, and generate output information.

2. According Blissmer
computer is an electronic tool that is able to perform several tasks as follows:
(a) accept input (b) processing the input was in accordance with
program (c) keep the commandments and the results of the processing (d) providing output in the form of information.

3. While Fuori
believes that the computer is a data processor that can perform large calculations quickly, including the calculation of arithmetic and logic operations, without interference from humans.

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