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Usefulness of the CPU hardware is: CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is the brain-computer systems, and operational functions have two parts, namely: ALU (Arithmetical Logical Unit) as a data processing center, and the CU (Control Unit) as a controller computer work.

Part of the CPU:

Hard Drive

Figure besides called Hard drive (HDD). This tool is a place to keep data on the CPU. If the disk is opened, then the visible disk of metal in it as a place to write data. Rotation speed varies. There are 5400 revolutions per minute and some even up to 7200 revolutions per minute. The ability of a hard drive is usually determined by the amount of data that can be stored. The amount varies, there is a 1.2 Gigabyte (GB) up to 80 GB. One GB is 1000 Megabytes, while a Megabyte is 1000 Kilobytes. Very big is it? We can store all our data on this hard drive

Floppy Disk Drive

Floppy disk drive is a device to read or write on a diskette. Several years ago, many people still use floppy disks measuring 5 1 / 4 inch (large disks), which stores the data of 700 Kilobytes. Currently a large floppy diskette has been replaced with small-sized (3 1 / 2 inch) with a capacity of 1.4 Megabytes of data store.

How it works almost the same as floppy disk drives. Circular plate in the floppy disk containing the data will be rotated by the motor in the floppy disk drive. A magnet will read or write data on the diskette.

CD-ROM drive

Its function is to read data from a Compact Disc (CD). ROM stands for Read Only Memory, which means that data storage can only be read. So the CD-ROM can only be used to read data, can not be used to store data. But this time, there is a similar tool that can be used to write / save data to a CD. His name CD-RW (CD Read and Write or CD read and write).

How the CD-ROM or CD-RW drives work the same way or floppy disk drives.
The difference is, the piece played is a CD. Instrument readers but also not the magnetic head in lieu of a small laser beam.


Well, this is the Brain (brain) computer. The processor functions to process all the calculations that must be done by computer. Measured by the frequency of processing power, such as 550 MHz (Mega Hertz) to date someone have reached 1.4 GHz (Giga Hertz).
If the computer is turned on, then the processor will be working directly and rapidly rising temperature.
Therefore each processor is now equipped with a hot iron dealer (heat sinks) and the cooling fan. Currently the widely used processors are Intel, AMD and IBM.


Memory also known as RAM (Random Access Memory). Use is for temporary data storage when used by the processor. If the computer is in power off, then the data in RAM is lost. RAM data read speed is faster when compared with the Hard Drive

Graphics Card (VGA Card)

VGA card (Video Graphics Adapter) allows you to translate the output (output) to a computer monitor. For drawing / graphic design or to play games, we need a VGA high strength. Currently there are VGA to memory 16, 32 to 128 Megabytes. Type, which made the company famous is Nvidia GeForce.

Sound Cards (Soundcard)

This device allows you to make a sound. If we're listening to music or playing games, this device is very useful. Her voice can be stereo, surround (spin) and even three-dimensional sound, so we seemed to be in the incident. But this device is less than complete if there were no speakers. Therefore we need to connect speakers with soundcards that have been installed by a cable plugged directly into the soundcard. games


Motherboard or collectively, the Parent Board serves to place all major appliance CPU mentioned above. Motherboard form as an electronic circuit boards.
The motherboard is the place passed lalangnya data. The motherboard connects all the computer equipment and make them work together so that the computer running smoothly.: D: Dsemoga useful bu

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